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Related post: Date: preteens tits video Sat, 20 Jan 2001 20:11:43 -0800 From: Justyn Subject: Reese and Me 8 - Cool itReese and Me 8 - preteen non art Cool it January 19, ranchi preteen pics 2001Written by Jamie McHaleDisclaimer and Warning - This story contains sexual content of a homosexual nature.Note - This story is the property of the writer. Any copying in part of in whole faq preteen porn of this document is prohibited. This story is completely fictional and does not involve any real people.This story is part of the Reese pantie pre teen and Me series.EMAIL me if you have any comments. ____________________________________________________________________________ Reese and Me preteen piss underage 8 - Cool it We stood in the shower together. I stood facing his back, giving his hair a good scrubbing. I began to move my hands down along Reese's smooth body with the shampoo lather. He figited. I knew that he had to go soon and that there wouldn't be any time for more sex or even just a little fooling around. God knew that there had been enough heavy breathing the night before and that very morning. But, I just couldn't get enough of him. He was so hot, I thought I could keep up with our busy sex life together for the rest animated preteen porn of my life. Recently, since we'd got back together, we'd been making love a lot more. Twice a day on weekends, and at least once on weekdays. Sometimes we'd find time for a quicky at lunch, but that was only on days that we were so horned up that we couldn't control ourselves. Right now was one of those times, when I just couldn't hold back. My hands found themselves preteenerotica down on his soft dick. preteen modeling tube I began rubbing it with my soapy hands. As the hot water continued to beat down on us, I came in closer, using both hands to get him hard. 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It was the fourth time in the last twenty four hours. God, life is good! Reese and I finished our business and climbed out of the shower. We stood drying ourselves off, while still trying to catch our breaths. He'd just finished drilling my ass. We'd ended up having all-out sex, right there sex preteen nudes on the floor of the shower. It made me think of the Sylvester Stallone film, "The Spe******t." It was awesome, one secret preteen server of our best times. By the time we'd finished and turned off the water, preteen portal forum the entire room was filled with steam. This also, was like a scene out of a movie. And I found myself staring at my man as he dried his soft, smooth body. I was so lucky to have him back. More lucky than I could realize. Reese eventually got all his youth pussy preteen clothes on and had gathered up his stuff to leave. We stood kissing in the foyer for five minutes before I let him go nederland nude preteens out the door. "Call me tonight," I said, closing the door behind him. "Yeah," he replied, preteens nonnude com on his way down the landing. ukrainian preteens models I sucked in a deep breath, taking a moment to regain my composure. I felt so good. I was filled with this intense feeling that everything would be fine and things would all work out as they should. And I felt that so far, they had. I'd gotten Reese back. I wasn't preteen modle topless quite sure that I deserved to have him back, but I had him regardless. And I wasn't complaining either. Making my way back upstairs, I entered my bedroom to dress. I slipped on a light T-shirt and baggy khakis. I did my hair and was on my way downstairs for the foyer again. I put on my shoes and grabbed the keys for the Cherokee. I kiddy preteen headed down the road for the freeway, deciding to go to the mall to see who was there. It was Saturday afternoon so I figured there'd be a flutter of activity. gallery model preteen I could possibly meet a few friends and just spend the day walking around, socializing, and browsing the stores. I decided to go for a little rip preteenz in panties first, though. The light turned green at the intersection I was at. Revving the engine, I slipped it back into drive and took off a little faster than I should have. I smiled, putting a rap mix CD into the player. Jacking up the sound, I enjoyed my little ride through my section of preteen model forum the city. I didn't stray too far fearing I might get lost. Los Angeles is a big place, and I'd frequently lost myself upon venturing too far from home. I moved in my seat to the music as I entered the freeway on-ramp. It felt so good to be happy again. I'd been so used to feeling miserable all the time that this was a good change to say the least. It was good to be in almost tip-top shape again. My face was fully healed after a couple of weeks, but my ribs would take a little longer. They were still sore, but it was better than before. I definitely tgp preteen list wasn't walking with crutches anymore, so that was also a good thing. preteen model blogs I turned the stereo up a little more. By the time I exited the freeway, I swear you could hear me coming around the corner! I got to the mall parking lot soon afterward. I left the Jeep there, switching on the alarm to preteen sexy 14yo head for preteen xxx oral the nearest entrance. naked preteen lol As you would suspect, the parking lot was packed, so preteen nude carl I ended up having to park way at the back, leaving me with quite a walk to the mall. But today, I didn't mind. I was so happy that nothing seemed to matter anymore. I thought I could have been struck down right there, and I wouldn't care. This was probably not true, but I was just so in love with life at that moment that I was blind to the actual realities of it. Upon entering the mall, I began toward the huge food court near the cluster of department stores. I suspected that quite a few of my friends would be there. And what do know, there was Meghan, Johnny, and Kevin. I'd known Meghan since elementary school, and Johnny and Kevin were in my gym class. "Hey guys," I exclaimed, approaching their table. "Jake," said Johnny, "What's goin' on?!" "Not much," preteen foot forums I replied smiling, "What you guys up to?" "Nothing really," chimed in Meghan, "Just the usual." I liked Meghan 'cause she was like the only chick I knew that didn't annoy me in some way. She was cool, kind of like one of the guys. But, her looks constantly reminded the lot of us that she definitely wasn't just one of the guys. The oposite sex was all over her most of the time. But, she was like me, she just shrugged it hot preteens kissing off for the most part. At the moment, she was going out with Kevin. "Yeah, me too," I said, "I was bored so I just decided to go for a little rip. Ended up here." "You gonna sit down?" preteen vulva pics Meghan asked, smiling. "Yeah," I said, taking a seat next to Johnny at the table. Kevin leaned in and kissed Meghan's neck. She laughed. "So what are planning on doing tonight, Jake?" "Ah, I dunno." "You coming to Hunter's party?" she asked, pushing Kevin away. "Where is it? His house?" I inquired, getting interested. A party was just what I needed. I hadn't had a drink in weeks. german hardcore preteen "Yeah, his parents are out 'a town," she explained. "It's gonna preteen model angels preteen 100 links be pretty awesome." Johnny turned to me, "Yeah, everybody's gonna be there." "Alright," I exclaimed, "I'll be there too then." "Cool," Meghan said, "Because I think Diane's going." Damn! I thought. "Oh boy!" I cried sarcastically. "What?" Meghan asked, "You don't like her? She's like in love with you!" "Yeah, I know." "So just fuck her, Jake," Johnny said, "She's hot enough for your high standards isn't she?" If you only knew, Johnny, I thought. "Yeah she's hot and all that, but . . . " I didn't know what to say to explain myself. I sensed that I couldn't keep my friends thinking that I was straight very much longer. preteen galleries sex I'd turned down way too much ass. "But what, Jake?" Kevin demanded, "Just fuck her. I'm sure she won't have preteen models feet a problem with it." "If I fuck her, she'll think I wanna go out with her. And believe me, I don't. She's too fucken stupid!" I complained, sitting back in my seat. "Oh gimme a break!" cried Kevin. "Just slip her the old six incher!" Kevin knew my size from gym class. I didn't really feel comfortable with him announcing it in front of Meghan though. "Whatever," I began, cracking a fake smile, "I'll go russian preteens masturbating and see what happens tonight." After spending the better part of the afternoon walking from one end of the mall to the other, and back again, we decided to make our way to my Jeep. I offered to take them all for a little drive before dropping them all off at their respective houses. With the music still jacked up, we took off up the road. Meghan had decided to sit up front with me. art lidiya preteen She was being unusually quiet. I also noticed several times that she was watching me as I drove. When I turned to look at her, she just turned away, pretending to have been watching something out preteens nude real the window. I shrugged it off, deciding not to let anything bother me horny preteens tgp today. Nothing was going to waste my mood. As it so happened, I was already in Johnny's neighborhood when it came time to drop everybody off. After he'd climbed out, I turned to Kevin in the back seat to ask him where he lived. He said Chestnut Street, which was three streets down. I sighed under my breath. I'd been hoping to let Meghan off first. preteen boys fuck She was still constantly watching me from the passenger seat, and it was making me nervous. youngest preteen tpg Why was she staring at me like that? Had she suddenly decided that she preteen chubbie pics likes me too? That's preteen defloration girls the last thing I need! cute preteen portfolio I thought to myself, sitting back into my seat as I turned onto Chestnut Street. Kevin leaned over and smooched Meghan before getting out of the Jeep. As he began preteens nude toplist making his way up the driveway to his house, I pulled back off into the street. That's when Meghan said something I'll never forget. "Jake, are you gay?" My face froze immediately. I think she knew preteen stuff the answer to her question just by the expression I made. "What the fuck?!" I gasped, my voice cracking uncontrollably. "You are aren't you?" Meghan said, smiling at me. I couldn't understand why she would be grinning. Did she get some kind of satisfaction from this? "No!" I cried immediately, attempting to regain my composure. "What the fuck would give you that impression?!" I was trying to sound angry with her, but my voice revealed more concern and worry than anything. "Jake, you couldn't make it any more obvious!" she cried, "You're easily one of preteens female cartoon the top five hottest guys in our school, and yet you haven't gone out with anyone for as long as I can remember!" little preteen biz I didn't know what to do. Like my face, my mind froze too. Instinctively, I slammed on the brakes. The Jeep skidded to an abbrupt stop. prdo virgin preteen "Get the fuck out!" daily preteen pic I screamed, not even turning to look at her. Meghan's smile disappeared. I could tell even without looking at her. "Jake," "Shut up and get the fuck out!" I cried, completely enraged. "Just get out!" preteen sexy nymphetes Meghan, after studying the expression of utter rage on my face, realized that I definitely wasn't joking with her. Without another word, she opened the door and climbed out onto the deserted residential street. "Have fun walking home, bitch!" I screamed, flooring the gas pedal before she could even close the car innocent virgins preteens door behind her. I couldn't control myself, and I was so mad that I didn't know what I was doing. I turned the music up to the max and drove home. It was the fastest I'd ever driven. There goes my mood! I thought, kicking the side of the Jeep. As I made my way up the driveway for my front door, I was praying that there was no one home. preteen naturists nudism And, as usual, there wasn't. Immediately upon entering the foyer, I kicked off my shoes and ran down bald ass preteen the stairs for the basement. I'd decided that I had to tell Reese. I'd made the mistake of leaving him out of things like that before, and I wasn't about to do it again. I picked up the cordless phone and dialed Reese. After only one ring, he answered. "Hello?" he said. His voice was so sweet. uncensored preteens top Just hearing it made me feel a preteen sex gallerie little better already. "Hey," I replied, trying to sound completely calm. "Oh, hey Jake," Reese began, "I've been preteen gallery adult trying to call for a while. You hear 'bout that party tonight?" "Yeah, actually I have," I answered, "But before we go, um . . . Can you come over for a bit?" "Yeah, just gimme a couple minutes to finish getting ready." "K," I replied, "See ya in a few." preteen huge boobs I hung up the phone. Suddenly, a surge of anger pulsed through my body. I had to break something. The fake plants svens preteen bbs on the coffee table were a prime target. I ran over to them and gave them a good kick. The decorations went flying across the preteen nymphete model room and slammed into the wall next to the TV stand. "Fuck!!" I cried out in rage. It was all I needed to have a group of my friends knowing my little secret. I admitted to myself that I hadn't handled the situation very well. Screaming at Meghan, calling her a bitch, and making her walk preteen naked cunts home was probably not the best thing I could have done. I knew that as soon as she got home, she'd called Kevin to tell him all about it. And even though I felt pretty confident that I could take care of Kevin easily enough, I knew that if it was him and Johnny, I'd be screwed. And Kevin never went anywhere without Johnny. It suddenly dawned on me that this knowledge of my sexuality wouldn't be confined to just these two guys and a single girl. No, Kevin would make sure that entire school knew about it. Then it would be my word against his and Meghan's. And I wasn't sure that I really wanted to play that game. I preteen nudists photo ran upstairs to my room to throw a sweater on. backdoor preteens It was red with a big thick black stripe. I sighed, checking my hair and spraying on some more collogne. Soon afterward, I heard the front door open and close. "Hello?" cried Reese, taking off his shoes. "Hey!" I exclaimed, happy that art photo preteens he'd arrived. "I'm upstairs!" Reese came up the stairs smiling. "What's happening?" "Nothing, just finished getting ready," I said, considering for a moment how I should continue. "Reese, there's actually something I have to tell you." Reese's smile disappeared immediately. "The last time you had something to tell me, we ended up having a royal rumble in the foyer downstairs." "It's nothing like that," I explained, cracking a slight smile, "It's just somthing that happened today that really bothered me." "What?" preteen latina slut he asked curiously. "Well," I began, taking in a deep breath, "I went to the Kenview Mall today and met with Meghan, Johnny, and Kevin. We walked around for a bit and then when I was driving them all home, Meghan suddenly accused me of being gay. It was basically because I've been turning down that chick Diane all the time. She figures that I'm gay and she starts throwing out these accusations. top preteen panty So, preteen 3d movie I kicked her out of the Jeep. I was telling her the best I could that I wasn't gay, but I don't think she believed me." daddy on preteen Reese took it all in, leaning against the door frame. "Well," he started, "I think we should probably just wait to see what happens." "You think we should go to that party? All three of them will be there." italian preteen nude "It's up to you, I mean it's your rep at stake not really mine this time." Reese couldn't have put it better. It was my reputation at stake, and it was my decision. The cool thing was that I knew Reese would be right beside me a hundred percent. I took a lot of comfort preteens site top from that. "K, let's go then," I decided, "We'll see what happens. And if something bad does happen, I'll handle it." "We'll handle it," Reese said, gesturing for us to preteen virtual model head back downstairs. I smiled and leaned in to give him a kiss. Afterwhich, we quickly made our way outside to the Jeep and got in. And off we were for the party. We arrived in front of Hunter Pierce's house about ten minutes later. Reese and I had spent the ride discussing how we would handle specific problems that we might run into at the party. littl preteen models To protect our images, nude preteen pubescent we'd simply lil preteen sluts deny any accusations of being anything but completely straight. To keep our asses from getting kicked, we'd dodge a fight at any cost. We'd decided that it would be better, considering preteen masturbation forums my still tender ribs, to preteen sweet16 pics just run away from any heavy confrontations. After getting out of the Jeep and heading up the short preteen nude cunts path to the house, I knocked on the door. The music was blasting, so after I'd knocked for the third time and there was still no answer, we let oursleves in. The house was packed with people, all clustered in groups spread out across the rooms of the first floor. Reese and I knew what the upstairs rooms were for. We could also see several couples in the middle of making out, on their way up the stairs. After a couple of minutes of mingling, I spotted Hunter. "Hey!" Hunter cried preteens free foto when he saw me. I was so afraid that he knew about what had happened. My heart jumped right up into my throat. preteen cosplay gallery "What's goin' on?!" "Nothin' much. Thought we'd come check it out," I explained, having to yell to communicate. preteen nude ru I was relieved; he obviously didn't know. "Cool," was Hunter's response. He was holding a beer, and I doubted that it had been his first. "Just go grab some drinks, guys. Help yourselves." sexy preteen 10yo "Alright," Reese said nudist nonnude modelpreteen immediately, heading over to the kitchen preteen fantasy chat table where preteens naked images all the drinks were spread out. I didn't doubt that Reese would be plastered before we left. This would make him pretty much obsolete to help me with my problems. If I ran into Meghan and Kevin, I'd most certainly be facing a confrontation of some kind. I began to question the wisdom of having come in the first place. I sat on the crowded couch for most of the night, nervously looking around for Meghan. But, as the party drew to a close, I still hadn't bikini model preteens seen them. They hadn't shown up! Which was really cool, considering. I wondered why they hadn't when they'd seemed so stoked about it earlier on, but I wasn't complaining. I wasn't complaining about the fact that I hadn't run into Diane either. For the last half hour, I actually preteen home made started to loosen up and talk to people. I had two drinks, figuring I'd still be good to drive. "Ready to go?" asked Reese, all wide-eyed and grinning. "Yeah," I replied, making for the door. I was back in my good spirits as we climbed into the Jeep to head preteen bikinis thumbs home. There was still this creeping suspicion alfasex nude preteens that it wasn't over where Meghan was concerned. I'd still have to deal with that problem. I thought that it was possible she and Kevin, and Johnny hadn't attended the party preteen ls dark due to the fact that they knew I was going. I shrugged it off, cracking another huge smile as I looked over at Reese. "You gonna come in or you goin' home?" I asked as we approached my house. "You kidding? I'm comin' in!" black preteens xxx I increased my rate of breathing, cp real preteen tossing my head back as nudist preteen girl Reese began to suck on my rock-hard preteen model movi cock. He was an animal, as was usually the case when he was drinking. He reared his head, bobbing up and down. He smothered my dick with his saliva, pleasuring me for nearly a half hour. I loved every second preteens pissing pics of preteen girl sex it. But, when it was my turn, I enjoyed sucking his cock just as much. He cried out with pleasure as romanian preteen I let him blow it into my mouth . . . preteen models sexo Face to face again, we kissed and kissed and kissed. I ran my hands all over his back and ass as he preteen nde art licked and bit my neck. I let out a little yelp, pushing his head back so I could kiss him again. We frenched passionately . . . Keep the comments coming, at
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